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Embroidery digitizing is the action of converting a graphic design into computerized instructions, which tell an embroidery machine how to sew a design. Or, another way to describe it - embroidery digitizing is translating a design into a series of commands that can be read by an embroidery machine. This allows the user to print the artwork, or designs, on various items such as apparel, caps, bags, pillowcases, tablecloths, etc. Most embroidery machines used by professionals and hobbyists today are driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files created by using special software. A person who creates a design is known as an "embroidery digitizer" or "puncher." The digitizer, or puncher, users digitizing software to create their embroidery design.

Digitized embroidery design files can be either purchased or created . Please make note that there are many different brands of machines and each may use a different file format. When purchasing or downloading free designs, make sure you get the format used by your machine. If your format is not available, you can get a conversion program to convert from one stitch file format to another stitch file format. Once a design has been digitized, it can be edited or combined with other designs by embroidery software. For those without editing software, some embroidery machines have rudimentary design editing features built in the machine. After editing the final design, the design file is loaded into the embroidery machine to be printed on the underlying fabric.

Professional embroidery digitizers can be found at many graphic design companies or by searching online. Almost any shop or website that sells embroidery equipment and supplies will also have digitized embroidery design files. Embroidery digitized training is available at some companies and there are also tutorials available with most software packages. Other good ways to gain general knowledge on embroidery digitizing are through online groups, books and embroidery magazines.


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